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Shareholder Communication Policy

Guiding Principle
The Company recognises the right of shareholders to be informed of matters, in addition to those prescribed by law, which affect their investments in the Company.

Continuous Disclosure
The Company adheres to a separately documented policy to ensure it complies with the continuous disclosure requirements of the law and the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

Electronic Communication
The company’s website ( carries the following for the information of shareholders:
• ASX announcements including half yearly profit reports and press releases*;
• Details relating to the company’s directors and senior management;
• Board and board committee charters and other corporate governance documents;
• Annual reports
• Financial calendar; and
• Public presentations including AGM’s and media and analyst briefings.
(* For at least the past three years)

Additional Information
The Company Secretary acts as a point of contact for shareholders requiring information.  The Company Secretary is available to clarify information in the public arena to assist shareholders in their understanding of the Company.