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Corporate Code of Conduct

  1. The Company is committed to fair dealing in good faith with its employees, customers, subcontractors, shareholders and other stakeholders.
  2. The Company will strive towards best practice in its internal business controls, financial administrationand accounting policies.
  3. The Company has in place policies to ensure it makes continuous disclosure to the ASX.
  4. Directors and employees are bound by strict rules in the trading of Company shares set out in the Policy Governing Buying and Selling of Videlli Securities.
  5. The Company is committed to continuous improvement of workplace safety for its employees and subcontractors with the ultimate objective of no injuries to anyone, anytime.
  6. The Company will continually develop its client relationships to provide outstanding service.
  7. The Company has, and will keep in place, employment practices and policies including in relation to OHS, EEO, Conflict of Interest, Misuse of Company Property, Alcohol and Drug Usage that accord with best practice.
  8. The Company recognises its place in the community and has in place policies and practices to protect the environment and to support selected community activities and projects in the areas in which it operates.
  9. The Company recognises its obligations to individuals' rights to privacy in respect of confidential information.
  10. The Company is committed to compliance with the law in all its operations including in relation to fair trading and dealing.
  11. The Company will enforce and monitor compliance with this Code of Conduct through employment contracts, internal communication and education as well as by periodic internal audit.