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Important Company Information

As advised to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) on 16 June 2009, shareholders of Videlli Limited (Company) approved the Company’s removal from the official list of the ASX.  The Company was de-listed from the ASX on 30 June 2009. 

Shareholders that remained on the Company’s CHESS Sub-register or Issuer Sponsored Sub-register at 5.00pm (WST) on 30 June 2009 were transferred to a certificated holding and have been issued with a certificate confirming their shareholding.
If you are seeking to sell your shares you will need to source an interested buyer yourself.  The transfer process involves completing an off-market standard share transfer form and lodging this with our share registry, Computershare.
The Company will maintain its website to keep shareholders informed of any news regarding its defence and counterclaim against the NSW Government concerning the termination of the Sydney Tcard project.
The Company will continue to send out notices to shareholders as and when required.

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